benefits and side effects of essential oils

Essential oil is becoming an excellent among the public because of the unbelievable can cure a variety of diseases. The community considers the function of essential oil more potent than regular eucalyptus oil.

In addition, the function of essential oil treatment also usually serve as the basic ingredients of fragrances and as a seed fragrance oil. The oil that is derived from this plant extract is also known by the name of essential oils.

The function of essential oil as a treatment is very miraculous because only from inhaling the aroma, people could be improved from a variety of complaints of illness they are feeling. Nevertheless, health researchers still doubt it.

Offered from the site Healthline, although many are using, very little is know about the effectiveness of essential oil in treating the disease. Here is some evidence related to common health problems resulting from the use of essential oil.

What benefits do essential oils have?

1. Coping with stress, anxiety, and depression

Approximately 43% of people who experience stress and anxiety often use essential oil to ameliorate their condition. Many have been considered if the scent of essential oil may work to treat the problem.

A recent review that comprises 201 research concluded that the essential oil is not effective in treating anxiety. Essential oil works only relieving stress when someone breathing in air is finished, but if the finish inhaling then a sense of stress, anxiety, and depression will be back.

2. Headaches and migraines

Circa 1990, two studies found that applying peppermint oil and ethanol blends in the forehead and eyebrow can ease the pain of the head. However, it turns out that it is not yet too prove and need more study to reveal the truth.

3. Reduce inflammation

Anti-inflammatory effect on essential oil believed to help fight an inflammatory condition, which was proven in a study done to rats. The study found that the combination of essential oil scented with thyme and oregano are able to induce remission of ulcerative.

Meanwhile, even though it has demonstrated in mice, but very few human studies related benefits of reducing inflammation with essential oil. Effectiveness and safety are unknown.

The safety and side effects of the essential oil

When many people praised the essential oil because it is considered to have tremendous benefits. It turns out that these oils also have side effects to look out for.

Essential oil is indeed made from natural ingredients, but that does not mean it is safe. Plant and herbal products contain a lot of bioactive compounds that can be harmful to the health of the body.
The following are a variety of side effects from the use of essential oil. You have to be aware of that.
  • Rash
  • Asthma attacks
  • A headache
  • Allergic reactions
Not only that, any death is referred to as one of the effects of the use of essential oil. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, in some cases found if an essential oil can cause a more serious reaction, until death.

Then, pregnant women and nursing mothers are also advised to avoid the use of essential oil. Then, oils containing phenol high like cinnamon, it can cause skin irritation and may not be used on the skin.

comply with the suggestion and stop usage if there are symptoms of an allergic reaction while using it. This is done to get the benefits and functionality of essential oil, while still minimizing the side effects.
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