Oncologists Accidental Discovery – The Juice That Kills Cancer

Recently, a bunch of Canadian scientists discovered that there’s a good herb which will kill cancer naturally and while not side-effects in just a pair of days!

The terrific news comes back from the University of Windsor, wherever scientists are examining the effects of herb against cancer since 2009. The project started once one specialist discovered a relation between herb root tea and lower risk of cancer.

Pamela Ovadje may be a post-doctoral candidate at the University World Health Organization found the benefits of the basis. “One oncologist World Health Organization worked with the US, told US the unbelievable improvement in a very patient’s daily drinking tea from herb root.

We like a shot began to research this tea to envision however alternative patients respond to it, but we tend to were pretty skeptical. I assumed that herb grows everywhere, and if at all there's something nice in it, individuals would have long ago found,” she remembers.

“Since we tend to begin this project, we were ready to get out of herb root extract and use it to several styles of human cancer within the laboratory. In the lab, we tend to determine its effectiveness against cancer cells, carcinoma and carcinoma, and chronic myelomonocytic cancer. We’ve discovered that herb root has very robust result on them while not harming healthy cells. moreover, studies have validated the effectiveness in mice transplanted human cancer cells,” Ovadje says.

Dandelion root extract has been approved for human trials since 2015 and is within the 1st section of analysis for treatment of lymphoma and cancer. Dr. Sciarra Pandi, a chemist at the University and one among the leaders on the analysis, considers the extract one of the most effective natural remedies against the deadly unwellness.


The extract works by causing apoptosis in the cancer cells. In easier terms, it makes the cancer cells commit suicide while not damaging the healthy cells in any approach. though the research is still within the beginning stages, it's shown loads of potential and should be the base for a future treatment.
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