8 habits that make you old faster

Who does not want to seem Ageless? Most people, both men, and women, definitely don't want old fast. On the contrary, anyone necessarily craved seem ageless even though age is no longer young.
Variety of ways is to always look young. Ranging from dressing as young children, use cream, Anti-aging action to skin rejuvenation.

Aging indeed is not always a matter of appearance. Aging occurs on various organs in the body. However unwittingly, a lot of habits that You do every day is thus, in fact, can make old fast. What are some habits that?

1. Lazy move

Have you spent much time sitting a day? Caution If you often do this as it can increase the risk of kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, and obesity.
In a study conducted in Australia at 230,000 participants, reported that those who sleep excessively (more than 9 hours per day), sit for too long (more than 7 hours per day), and lack of exercise (less than 150 minutes per week), have an increased risk of 4 times higher premature death due to various diseases.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can not only make up the dark circles under your eyes, but it also can accelerate the onset of aging. Based on studies conducted at the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in the United States on 60 women aged 30-49 years, the participants who sleep less than 6 hours per day or sleep enough but the quality of his sleep badly, are experiencing the signs of premature aging. Some conditions occur such as, the onset of wrinkles, black flecks, and the skin becomes loose.

3. Multitasking

Multitasking or task a few things at once seemed to look good, especially for those of you accustomed to a busy urban community. However, actually did a lot of things at once at the same time can make you vulnerable to stress.
Some research suggests that chronic stress can trigger a spending free radicals, it is an unstable molecule in the body that can damage cells and cause aging.

4. Fond of eating fried foods

Fatty foods like fried foods, coconut milk, or the savory offal is good. However, this is precisely the habits You can make old faster. In the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 against 4,000 middle-aged women who are consuming a lot of butter, it was found that these women have more wrinkles than not. That's because saturated fat can cause heaping AGE and interfere with the production of collagen in the skin so it will be easier to arise into wrinkles and sagging.

5. Using too much makeup

Many women feel less confident when not using makeup while traveling. However, the use of makeup too thick, especially products that are oil-based, it can clog pores and cause acne.
In addition, the use of skin products containing irritating chemicals, fragrances, and alcohol can make the skin becomes dry, remove the skin's natural oil content, as well as cause the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

6. Many sweet food consumptions

Food or drinks that contain a lot of sugar such as doughnuts, scones and soda may accelerate the onset of wrinkles on your face. Sugars contained in food form advanced glycation end products (AGE) in the body. The most immediate damages are collagen and elastin protein fibers, it is that serves to keep the skin stays supple and elastic. As a result, your skin will be more easily wrinkled and sagging.

7. Fond of consuming alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption is not only bad for your health, but it can also speed up the onset of premature aging of the face. Are hepatotoxins or alcohol can damage the liver. Toxin or toxins of alcohol can damage cells in the body. No exception cells in the skin. In addition, alcohol can also make the dehydration of the skin and makes it dry. Skin that is dry will more easily wrinkled.

8. Smoke

One cigarette contains about 7,000 chemical substances, 200 kinds of which are carcinogenic, it is substances that damage genes in the body so that triggered cancer, such as lung cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

The biggest ever cigarette toxins produced by the smoke billowing from one end of the cigarette that is not sucked up. So either you as a smoker or just inhaling cigarette smoke, you could be at risk of experiencing a wide range of diseases. In addition, smoking can also lead to the breakdown of collagen and makes skin sagging and wrinkles arise become.

Well, you certainly don't want your skin to look old fast, isn't it? We recommend that you stop the habit over from now, Yes. In addition, multiply the consumption of fruit and vegetables so that the skin is fresh and youthful.
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