Breast Cancer Survival Relies on Early Detection

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Breast Cancer Awareness month is currently coming to a close and with it new insight has been shed on the leading causes of cancer as well as the best chances for surviving breast cancer through early detection. No one ever wants to hear those words “You have cancer.” It can be a terrifying situation as you now are faced with multiple choices for treatment as well as where you are currently stage-wise. However, fear doesn’t always have to be the only option.

Breast Cancer Survival Relies on Early Detection

According to most doctors, if you have regular check-ups and can detect cancer early enough, you can actually increase your survival rate to 98%. That’s a huge success rate. Industry experts agree that most of the fatal cases of breast cancer stem from the fact that women aren’t receiving routine mammograms. They also said that early signs of cancer does not mean you have to do prevention through a double mastectomy like Angelina Jolie.

It’s recommended that your first mammogram be scheduled prior to age 40. Dr. Al Mazim at the Dubai Hospital had this to say.

“Those with a family history of breast cancer should begin screening earlier. If a woman has a first degree relative with breast cancer, she should opt for yearly mammogram screening 10 years before the age of her relative’s diagnosis. However she should start regular clinical breast exam and self-exams earlier.”

So the truth of the matter is–early detection and routine check-ups can save your life
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