Caution, Pelvic inflammatory disease interfere with women's Fertility

The health of the female organs became one of the decisive factors in a woman's fertility. Infection in the female organs in the pelvic area in particular became one of the most frequent causes of women difficult to get offspring. each year found new cases of 850,000 pelvic inflammatory disease that strikes in their productive and continue to increase every year.

Pelvic inflammatory disease and outs

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection that occurs in the female organs. The organ in the female area is actually not only as the vagina but also to other areas such as cervical, uterus (womb), ovary (ovaries) and fallopian tubes (the tubes that connect the ovaries and uterus).

Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by infection with gonorrhea (premenstrual syndrome) and chlamydia are transmitted through sexual intercourse. In females the second infected the disease may not bring up the symptoms at first, but a few weeks later can develop into pelvic inflammatory disease.

Other than gonorrhea and chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease. This condition is caused by an imbalance of the normal flora in the female organs.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is generally attacking someone who is already active sexual intercourse, and usually occur in young women aged 16-25 years. In addition, women who often have sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea or chlamydia infection is good) and often changing sexual partners have a higher risk for exposed pelvic inflammatory disease.

Pelvic inflammatory disease previous history, installation of contraceptives in the womb (AKDR/IUD), and post surgery on genital organs such as dilation and curettage, also increases the chances of a woman to experience inflammation of the pelvis.

Recognize the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is not directly show symptoms in the beginning and can be said to be secretly grew worse when unconscious. Probably could have been appearing as an early sign is the growing number of whiteness. But note also whether any changes compared to vaginal discharge is usually like consistency, odor, and there is blood that accompanies.

Some signs and symptoms that you can beware of, among others, are:

  • Vaginal discharge that smells
  • Menstruation is longer than normally
  • Pain in lower abdomen
  • Pain in the lower back area
  • Fever, mengggil
  • Urinary pain when
  • Pain when sexual intercourse
  • It is sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
  • Do this pelvic inflammatory disease if exposed to

If you've been diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease-affected, don't despair. Pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated using antibiotics either by oral or injection. A woman who underwent pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated the way or need to be admitted, subject to the conditions of each sufferer.

Action operations can also be performed if found the presence of pus or a collection of abscesses around the fallopian. In addition, the examination of the couple also needs to be done to prevent a reoccurrence of the infection while treating the infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

Complications of pelvic inflammatory disease alert

Many women do not realize that he had exposed pelvic inflammatory disease because early symptoms are not so clear so that more people are seeking treatment late. The delay in treatment or treatment that is not adekuat can cause some complications.

Some of the complications that arise due to pelvic inflammatory disease, among others:

Fertility problems

Of the 10 women who are experiencing pelvic inflammatory disease 1 among them, experiencing fertility problems. This is caused by the presence of scarring or scar tissue (SCAR) caused by inflammation in the fallopian tubes channels area. This scarring will cause a blockage in the fallopian duct and prevent fertilized egg to.

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is also called with the kehamila outside the womb. Because of the presence of scar tissue in the fallopian duct cells inhibit the fertilized eggs move into the uterus (womb), it can cause the fetus to develop in the fallopian duct or outside the uterus. The tuba can channel ruptured or broken over time which can cause bleeding in the stomach and pelvic area so threatening the women.

Chronic pelvic pain

Because of the scar tissue left behind, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause pain around the pelvis that can last a long time.

Action to prevent pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease can actually be prevented. Because the disease is transmitted through sexual intercourse, as much as possible you are not changing sexual partners. In addition, always use a condom to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. When are recovering after delivery or post-dilation and curettage, better start sexual intercourse 4 weeks afterwards to prevent infection to occur.

Moreover do not forget to always replace AKDR in accordance with the validity period because it can increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.  It also doesn't hurt to invite the couple saw a doctor to look at the health of genital organs so that sexually transmitted diseases can be inevitable.

So about the pelvic inflammatory disease can affect a woman's fertility. It takes vigilance and attention more towards health organ of femininity in order to be spared from this infection. If you feel something went wrong with whitish or menstrual cycle problems, check with your doctor immediately specialist obstetrics and gynecologist to get treatment as early as possible.
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